Fertilizers and minerals: limestone and ammonium sulphate.


We maintain business relations with major suppliers of fertilizers and minerals from around the world. Some of them have signed exclusive supply agreements with us. Thanks to this, our services are characterized by: security and speed of delivery (always at the right place and at the right time), the highest quality of materials and excellent price conditions, which you can also negotiate.

For anyone who needs it.

The scope of our services is tailored to the individual requirements of each client. That is why we provide you with the most popular and desirable fertilizers and minerals, which are:


Aluminum compounds

Including nitrate, hydroxide and aluminum oxide.


Ammonium compounds

Its nitrate, chloride, and even sulfate.


Boron compounds

Ultrapure and nuclear boric acid.


Calcium compounds

Containing: nitrate 4-hydrate hydroxide, sulfate 2-hydrate and acetate 1-hydrate.


Iron compounds

Including Sulphate 7-hydrate.


Magnesium compounds

Sulfate 7-hydrate or Nitrate 6-hydrate.


Potassium compounds

Sulfate, nitrate, cyanate and potassium nitrite.


Sodium compounds

Nitrate and nitrite, sulfide 9-hydrate, bicarbonate and many more.


Zinc compounds

Sulfate 7-hydrate, Nitrate 6-hydrate or Acetate 2-hydrate.


Urea compounds

Sulfate 7-hydrate or Nitrate 6-hydrate.

Compounds of micronutrients

Liquid fertilizers.

For anyone who needs it.

The supply of our limestone is aimed at important national and international companies, including the steel, confectionery and environmental industries.

We ensure the highest quality and professional transport.

Each transport is thoroughly checked by us – legally, financially and in terms of quality. In addition, we take care to ensure that the raw material ordered by you arrives where you want and when you want it.

And has the quality and specifications required.

We supply limestone fully adapted to your requirements. In our offer, you will find raw material with different specifications – in different form and with different compositions.

25 years of experience

In regular distribution of fertilizers and minerals.

8 countries

From which we import limestone and ammonium sulphates.

5 million tons

Of raw materials that we have delivered to companies in more than 30 countries.

What comprises our offer of fertilizers and minerals?

Our offer includes limestone, whose key ingredient is calcium carbonate. It is a high quality raw material of natural origin, which is obtained by crushing excavated material.

This material is present in nature practically at any latitude, and its specific location and age mean that depending on these factors, limestone can have different properties. One of the most popular examples is the difference in hardness.

Limestone is an extremely versatile raw material, successfully used, among others, in the field of metallurgy and construction. Its advantages are also valued in health care and even the food industry (mainly confectioneries).


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We distribute products sourced from the largest producers of fossil fuels and mineral resources in the world. A strong position on the market is an obligation, which is why we cooperate only with the best in the industry. We constantly expand our sales markets and introduce innovative technologies.