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Biomass imports

K Investments is an importer of biomass specialising in the trading of energy raw materials - including ecological ones. Check out our offer!

Wholesale of biomass

As a company that has been present on the market for more than 30 years, we attach great importance to both the quality of the raw materials we offer and the high standard of our services. Our carefully selected workforce is made up of a team of specialists with extensive knowledge in the field of raw material trading. Knowledge that they are constantly expanding.

We are well aware of the current trends in the industry, which is why we could not fail to offer wholesale biomass, the importance of which in the energy industry is growing more and more each year.

Biomass is exported by water – sea and river – as well as by road – car and rail. Thanks to the fact that we use various forms of transport and cooperate closely with the largest producers of ecological fuels, we are able to guarantee timely delivery, while maintaining the highest quality parameters of raw materials.

An extremely important aspect of our business is our comprehensive and individual approach to each client. We tailor our services to the preferences and expectations of our contractors, who are given the opportunity to negotiate their own contract terms. As a company with many years of experience in the industry, we are able to take on even the most difficult challenge.

See where we get our biomass from

K Investments works with the best producers of green fuels, both in the process of importing biomass and sourcing it from Polish producers. We have exclusive agreements with some of them. Therefore, by choosing the services of K Investments, you can count not only on the highest quality of the raw materials supplied, but also attractive prices for their purchase. An important advantage of working with us is express delivery - also "just on time".

  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus

The biomass we supply is of the highest quality

Biomass is the raw material of the future, with applications in both clean electricity production and heat generation. It can partially replace fossil fuels, thus helping to reduce environmental pollution. In order to be able to meet the expectations of the widest possible range of customers and to adapt to the individual needs of the companies working with us, the biomass offered by us is available in many variants, with different calorific values and degrees of fragmentation.
Calorific value, MJ/kg
Moisture content, %
Ash content, %
Wood briquettes
Min. 17,0
Max. 5,0
Max. 1,0
Wood pellets
Min. 17,0
Max. 10,0
Max. 0,7
Sunflower husk pellets
Min. 17,0
Max. 12,0
Max. 3,0
Cereal pellets
Min. 17,0
Max. 11,0
Max. 2,0
Wood chips
Bark, phloem, leaves, needles, %
Relative moisture content, %
Ash content, %
Max. 20
Max. 20 – 60
Max. 0,7