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PCI coal imports

K Investments is an importer of PCI coal and many other energy raw materials of the highest quality.

PCI coal

PCI coal, also known as injection coal, is one of the many solid fuels that K Investments distributes. As a company with extensive experience in the energy commodities trade, we offer only the highest quality products. We have long-term contracts and exclusive agreements with leading producers from all over the world. This allows us to offer our Contractors attractive wholesale prices for PCI coal, as well as the opportunity to negotiate our own terms of cooperation.

We subject every aspect of our services to scrutiny so that we can best fit in with the individual needs of our clients.

We provide ongoing support for the entire order process – from the import of PCI coal, through the testing of raw material quality parameters, to its packaging and dispatch to the Contractor. If you have any questions or concerns, the K Investments staff is at your disposal.

We have over 30 years of experience in the energy commodities market and have in-house know-how that allows us to provide the highest level of service. In the PCI coal export process, we use sea, river and land routes. This enables us to guarantee fast and safe transportation and to maintain the high quality parameters of the delivered goods.

Wholesale of PCI coal

PCI-type coal is often used in blends with coking coal. It is characterised by a correspondingly low internal moisture and ash content and good milling ability. It is used primarily in the steel industry, in the process of steel production. Its use reduces coke consumption and improves the efficiency of industrial blast furnaces.

PCI coal is usually delivered in bulk, but can also be delivered in big bags or containers on a case-by-case basis. For companies that do not have storage space, we additionally provide ‘just in time’ delivery options. Take a look at the full offer of K Investments and cooperate with an experienced distributor of energy raw materials!

See where we source PCI coal from

We make sure that our services and the PCI coal we supply meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. For this reason, we only cooperate with the best and largest producers of this raw material - both Polish and foreign.

  • Czech Republic
  • Kazakhstan
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Colombia
  • Kirghizia
  • Venezuela

The PCI coal we supply is of the highest quality

Thanks to our cooperation with leading charcoal distributors, we offer a wide range of raw materials of the highest quality. We have products of various quality parameters and graining, which allows us to meet the individual needs and requirements of each Contractor.
PCI coal
Grain size, mm
Moisture content, %
Ash content, %
Sulphur content, %
Volatile content, %
HGI, %
Do 10,0
Do 8,0
Do 0,8
25,0 - 35,0
Od 45,0