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Imports of ferroalloys

As an importer of ferroalloys with many years of experience, we offer top-quality raw materials that meet the needs of a wide variety of companies.

K Investments - experienced importer of ferroalloys

K Investments is a company with 30 years of experience in trading various types of solid fuels. Our services include the import and wholesale of ferroalloys and many other raw materials. These always undergo detailed checks before dispatch. In this way, you can be sure that you will receive a raw material that meets your, even the highest, quality expectations.

We cooperate with the biggest and best ferroalloy producers from all over the world, and with some of them we have exclusive agreements. Therefore, we are able to offer not only high-grade raw materials, but also attractive prices for their purchase and fast delivery – also “just on time”.

Wholesale of ferroalloys

At K Investments, we place particular emphasis on a comprehensive and individual approach to each client. For this reason, we give our customers the opportunity to negotiate their own terms and conditions – so that they best suit the needs of their business. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and experienced in importing, exporting and wholesaling ferroalloys and other raw materials. This enables us to guarantee the highest level of service for all contracts – from the smallest to the largest.

The export of ferroalloys takes place by water (sea, river) and by land (road and rail). We provide our customers with express and, above all, safe transport, as well as legal and financial support. We deliver the goods in containers, and for companies that do not have storage space, we also offer a ‘just on time’ delivery option.

See where we source ferroalloys from

In the process of importing ferroalloys, we cooperate with the best producers from all over the world. We also have long-term contracts with Polish producers. This ensures that the products you order are of the highest quality.

  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan

The ferroalloys we supply are of the highest quality.

We supply ferroalloys with various parameters and properties, which are used in a wide variety of businesses. The raw materials we offer are most often used for structural steel, non-ferrous metals, tool alloys, cast irons, as well as for denitrification and deoxidation processes.
Ferrophosphorus (FeP)
Phosphorus, %
Silicon, manganese, titanium, %
Min. 25,0
Max. 5,0
Ferrochromium (FeCr)
Chromium, %
Coal, %
Min. 60,0
Ok. 8,0
Ferromanganese (FeMn)
Manganese, %
Coal, %
Phosphorus, %
Ok. 75,0
Ok. 8,0
Max. 0,7