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K Investments is an innovative company that places great emphasis on both the highest quality of the raw materials and services offered and on sustainability.

We use innovative technologies to ensure that our customers receive ordered goods that are delivered to the right place at the right time. At the same time, we take care to reduce the negative impact of pollution on the environment. An important aspect of our business is also our well-considered investments in various economic sectors and industries. Find out what we are investing in!

Investments in the energy sector

We are involved in the mining of coking and thermal coal, which is one of the key aspects of our business. Thanks to our 30 years of experience and continuous development, we are a leader in the supply of raw materials for the coking and power industries. The technologies and logistics solutions we use make it possible to guarantee not only the supply of solid fuels of the highest quality, but also contribute to the sustainable development of the energy sector. Trust a reliable distributor of coking and thermal coal - choose our company as your reliable business partner!

Strategic distributor of Bytom coking plant

As a distributor for the Bytom coking plant, we play an important role in supplying high-quality raw materials to the local industry. Thanks to our reliability, efficiency and advanced logistics solutions, we have become not only a supplier, but also a strategic partner for the Bytom coking plant. We are proud to contribute to the coking needs of the region. We continuously strive to improve our services in order to develop the potential of the coking industry together with our customers.

Investments in start-ups

We invest in start-ups because we know very well how difficult it is for young companies to stand out from the competition. This is because they have an innovative but often risky business idea. We want to support entrepreneurs in the implementation of their bold projects, which is why we help them to succeed in the demanding market. We offer not only financial but also mentoring support. We base this on professional and reliable expertise, creating partnerships with companies. Do you have an innovative business idea and need help implementing it? Get in touch with us!

Investments in renewable energy

A very important aspect of our business is investment in the development of modern technologies. This is why we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the global market. We focus on projects that fit in with our sustainable development mission in order to contribute, together with our partners, to minimising the negative impact of pollution on the environment. This is why we enter into partnerships with companies and startups that create innovative renewable energy solutions. If you are part of this rapidly growing sector and need financial support, contact K Investments!

Investment in the mining industry

We actively invest in the mining industry, helping companies operating in this area to strengthen their position in a competitive market. We tailor our cooperation to the individual needs of each company, jointly creating a personalised investment strategy that will contribute to its dynamic growth and development. We look for industrial plants in need of financial support or those that are for sale. Are you the owner of such an entrepreneur? Feel free to contact us!

Investments in solid fuels and minerals

As an energy commodity distribution company, we are also committed to investing in the solid fuels and minerals sector, including their extraction, processing and distribution. We work with innovative companies who, like us, aim to minimise the negative impact of pollution on the environment. Are you part of this sector and committed to sustainable business development? Are you looking for support for a project related to solid fuels and minerals? Feel free to get in touch!

Investments in houses, flats and land

We specialise not only in the distribution of energy and mineral resources, but also in real estate investments - particularly in houses, flats and land. Extensive experience in this sector, allows us to identify attractive investments that can bring real benefits. We look for promising projects that can contribute to the development of local communities. Are you a property owner or looking for an investment partner? Choose to work with K Investments!


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