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Distributor of solid fuels, energy and mineral raw materials

We have been distributing energy and mineral raw materials and solid fuels for over 30 years. Find out what makes us different!

about us

Reliable worldwide distribution of raw materials

K Investments is a company specialising in the import, export and wholesale of solid fuels and raw materials that has been in the industry for many years. We place great importance on the quality of the products we offer and the level of our service, which is why we subject every aspect of our business to scrutiny. We ensure that the entire order process is taken care of at all times – from importing, through quality control of raw materials, to their packaging and transport. We also ensure that every transaction is properly secured, both financially and legally.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of trading in various types of raw materials enables us to guarantee our customers comprehensive services at the highest level. Price conditions, delivery times and a range of other issues are tailored to the individual needs of our contracting parties, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to negotiate their own contract terms (in the long term, we provide fixed, very favourable terms). We have long-term contracts and exclusive agreements with leading manufacturers. This enables us to offer our customers attractive raw material purchase prices and fast delivery.

Over the years, we have developed our own logistical solutions that allow us to provide instant and safe transport at the place and time you expect. Depending on your individual preferences, we can pack your goods in big bags, sacks or containers. For companies that do not have their own storage space, we also offer a ‘just-in-time’ delivery option. Raw materials are carefully protected prior to transport – all to ensure that the delivered products retain their highest quality parameters.

In addition to wholesale of energy and mineral raw materials, we also offer our customers a range of other facilities, including crushing and screening of raw materials, as well as their sorting (in the case of coal and coke).


Our mission is to reliably distribute solid fuels and minerals worldwide.


Thermal coal

Our product range includes hard coal, lignite coal and coal briquettes, primarily used in the production of electricity and heat.


Coking coal

We offer the sale of coking coal in low-vol, mid-vol and high-vol versions, which are used primarily in the coking industry.


PCI coal

PCI coal is used primarily in the steelmaking process. It is often used in blends with coking coal.



Charcoal is a raw material used mainly in the metallurgical, food, medical and chemical industries. It is environmentally friendly and at the same time provides an optimum amount of energy.


Coal products

We offer a variety of coal products, including sulphur, ammonium sulphate and coal dust, which are used in many industries.



At K Investments you will be supplied with the most popular types of coke, including industrial and heating coke, metallurgical coke, foundry coke and petroleum coke. We also distribute coking tar and coke dust.



The biomass we offer, including wood chips, wood briquettes and wood, sunflower husk and grain pellets, is an environmentally friendly alternative to non-renewable energy sources and is used in the production of clean electricity and in heat generation.


Carburisers and frothers

Among the carburisers and frothers agents we distribute, you will find carburisers based on coke, artificial graphite and anthracite. They are used in the metallurgy, foundry and abrasive and refractory industries, among others.



In our extensive range you will find the most popular ferroalloys, including ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferronickel, ferrophosphorus, aluminium, manganese plates and silico-manganese


Industrial rocks

We distribute various types of industrial rocks, such as bauxite, basalt and limestone, used in the construction, metallurgical, chemical or mining industries, among others.

Learn about our strengths

Our strengths are the assurance of quality and success in the market. Discover the potential together with us!

Rich and comprehensive offer

Rich and comprehensive offer

We distribute the most popular and desirable raw materials across a wide range of industries, including thermal coal, coke, carburants, ferroalloys and biomass, all of which are of the highest quality. We also offer exports of solid fuels and energy raw materials, in the process of which we use land and waterways.

Cooperation with the best

Cooperation with the best

Our extensive range of products is used by companies representing the most important economic sectors in Eastern and Western Europe, the Americas, as well as Asia and Africa. We only cooperate with the best raw material manufacturers. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality of the products we supply. We have long-term contracts and exclusive agreements with producers from all over the world, including Poland.

Professional service

Professional service

As an importer of energy raw materials and solid fuels, we have been operating for more than 30 years. We have our own know-how, which enables us to offer our customers personalised solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements. Our employees have extensive knowledge of trading in various types of raw materials and are constantly expanding and supplementing this knowledge. They are familiar with current trends in the industry and are fluent in up to four foreign languages.


Meet the Board of K Investments

vice president

Piotr Kowalów

vice president

Piotr Kowalów

vice president

Piotr Kowalów

vice president

Piotr Kowalów

vice president

Piotr Kowalów

vice president

Piotr Kowalów


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Are you interested in K Investments' offerings or want to find out more? Get in touch with our team of specialists! We will introduce you to the terms and conditions of cooperation with us and answer any questions that may arise during the conversation. Bet on a reliable distributor of energy resources and solid fuels and choose the services of K Investments!