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Wholesale of charcoal

As a company with more than 30 years of experience in the energy raw materials and solid fuels trade, we offer wholesale of top quality charcoal.

Export and import of charcoal

K Investments is a company specialising in the import and export of charcoal and many other energy raw materials. We attach great importance to the quality of the products we supply, which is why we work only with the best and largest suppliers of solid fuels. We have long-term contracts and exclusive agreements with both Polish and foreign producers.

We offer our customers attractive prices for charcoal sales and prompt delivery at the place and time you expect.

We are well aware that every company has different needs. In order to best adapt to the requirements of our Contractors, we offer the possibility to negotiate individual contract terms. We ensure constant care of the entire order process – from importing charcoal, through subjecting the raw material to detailed quality control, to packaging and transport. We also guarantee appropriate legal and financial security of the transaction. Should you have any questions or concerns, K Investments specialists remain at your disposal throughout the entire period of cooperation.

K Investments – verified importer of charcoal

As an experienced charcoal distributor, we have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in domestic sales, import and export of this raw material. We are well acquainted with current trends in the industry, we also have our own know-how, which allows us to provide the highest quality of service, tailored to the preferences and expectations of each customer. We deliver the goods in the form preferred by the Contracting Party – in big bags or containers. Additionally, in the event that a company does not have its own storage space, we also offer just-in-time delivery. We transport charcoal by sea, river or land. We ensure that the products are delivered quickly and, above all, safely, and that their high quality parameters are maintained.

Good charcoal fits in perfectly with the modern needs of many businesses concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. It is environmentally friendly, stands out for its low smoke emissions and at the same time provides an optimum amount of energy. When choosing this raw material, there is also no need to worry about the risk of spontaneous combustion. Charcoal is widely used both in households (as barbecue charcoal) and in numerous industries, including metallurgy, medical, food and chemical industries.

Find out where we source our charcoal from

The hardwood charcoal we offer is sourced from leading producers from around the world. We only work with the best suppliers of this raw material, so we can guarantee the highest quality.

  • Ukraine
  • Algeria
  • Greece

The charcoal we supply is of the highest quality

Long-standing contracts and exclusive agreements with major producers mean that we offer charcoal in a variety of grain sizes and quality parameters to suit the needs of different businesses. By choosing to work with K Investments, you can be sure that the raw material delivered will meet your, even the highest, quality expectations.
Calorific value, MJ/kg
Moisture content, %
Ash content, %
Min. 25,0
Max. 8,0
Max. 4,0