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Imports of coking coal

K Investments is a company with more than 30 years of experience in trading energy raw materials. Check out our offer and cooperate with a reliable supplier of coking coal!

K Investments - importer of coking coal

As an importer of coking coal and other solid fuels, we work directly with major producers from around the world. This enables us to provide our customers not only with the highest quality products, but also with attractive prices for their purchase.

Our services include the import of coking coal and the wholesale of coking coal and its international transport.

We attach great importance to both the quality of the products we offer and the services we provide. Our employees have extensive knowledge in the field of raw material trading, which they are constantly expanding and supplementing. It is thanks to our extensive experience and the constant improvement of our qualifications that we are able to take on any challenge. We offer a comprehensive and individual approach to the customer, giving you the opportunity to negotiate your own contract terms, tailored to the needs of the company in question.

Coking coal is exported by water (sea and river) and by road (rail and road) – all to ensure the fastest and, above all, safe delivery of the raw material to the indicated place. For companies that do not have their own storage space, we also provide a ‘just on time’ delivery option. Check out our full offer and cooperate with K Investments!

See where we source coking coal from

We offer coking coal of the highest quality, sourced from the largest producers of this raw material. We only work with the best, so we guarantee that every product we supply is of the highest quality.

  • Poland
  • Kazakhstan
  • Czech Republic
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
  • USA
  • RPA
  • Indonesia
  • Australia

The coking coal we supply is of the highest quality.

Thanks to our cooperation with leading coking coal producers, we offer raw materials of the highest grade, with different grain sizes and quality parameters.
Coking coal
Grain size, mm
Moisture content, %
Ash content, %
Sulphur content, %
Volatile content*, %
0-20; 0-25; 0-30; 0-50; other
9,0 – 12,0
8,0 – 10,0
0,5 – 0,7
24,0 – 32,0
* We offer coking coal with low, medium and high volatile parts.