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K Investments is a company with many years of experience in trading energy raw materials. Check out our offer and cooperate with a reliable coke distributor!

K Investments - proven coke distributor

As a coke distributor, we care about the highest quality of the products we offer. We cooperate with the best producers of solid fuels in the world, and thanks to long-term distribution agreements, we can offer excellent business conditions and attractive purchase prices. The coke we sell goes through detailed inspections before it is sent to our contractors, which guarantees that you will receive raw material that meets your highest quality expectations. We also deal in the wholesale of coke and the transport of this solid fuel.

Coke is transported by road (road, rail) and water (sea or river).

In the process of coke distribution, we cooperate with all coking plants in Europe – primarily those located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary and Italy. We supply both coke and the other energy raw materials we offer to companies operating all over the world – in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Because we put quality first, we subject every aspect of our services to scrutiny. However, we take care not only of the best quality of the solid fuels we sell, but also of express and, above all, safe transport. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide services at the highest level. We offer a comprehensive approach to each customer, legal and financial support.

A very important aspect of our business is the individual approach to each client. Therefore, it is possible to negotiate our own contract terms to best suit the individual needs of a particular company.

Depending on demand and individual preferences, we can deliver coke and other raw materials in big bags or containers. For companies that do not have storage space, we additionally provide a ‘just on time’ delivery option. Contact us and cooperate with a reliable, experienced distributor and exporter of K Investments coke!

See where we source coke from

We care about the high class of the services we provide and the solid fuels we offer. This is why we cooperate with the best coke producers - both from Poland and other countries. This means you can be sure that the energy raw materials you order from K Investments will be of the highest quality.

  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • China
  • Colombia

The coke we supply is of the highest quality.

Our cooperation with leading international extractors and producers of solid fuels allows us to offer our Contractors all types of coke for all applications. We are committed to supplying raw materials that meet the needs and expectations of the widest possible range of Customers.
Grain size, mm
Moisture content, %
Ash content, %
Sulphur content, %
Volatile content, %
Foundry coke
60-90(100); +80; +100; +120; other
1 – 6
Od 9,0
Max. 0,8
Max. 1,3
Blast furnace coke
Max. 8,0
Max 10,5
Max 0,8
Max. 1,0
Industrial coke
10-25, 20-40, 40-60, +40
8 - 15
Max. 10,5
Max. 0,8
Max. 1,5
Max. 19,0
Max. 15,0
Max. 0,8
Max. 2,5
We also offer low-phosphorus coke with a guaranteed Pd parameter of max. 0.03% (typically 0.011-0.023%)
Crude tar I
Density at 20°C
Water content
Ash content
Quinoline insolubles
1,18 - 1,21 g/cm³
max 5,0%
max 0,1%
min 1,5%
Crude tar II
Density at 20°C
Water content
Ash content
Quinoline insolubles
Sulphur content
1,2 g/cm³