K Investments in Lisbon at the International Ferroalloys Conference

Our company, as a leading supplier of ferroalloys, participates in the international Ferroalloys conference, which is held from 11-13 November at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon.

The previous edition gathered over 700 delegates, including over 100 from steel mills around the world.

The Ferroalloy 2018 conference touches upon international and global aspects of the ferroalloy industry, as well as new trends and innovations in production technologies. The event provides information and direction for industry development, as well as the opportunity to make new contacts with potential customers and suppliers.

Among this year’s activities, it is worth mentioning the discussion on the importance of Ferroalloys in South Africa, where the latest news and events in this market are presented by local experts. During the 3-day conference, various modules will be discussed, one of which will be devoted to fine metals and dealing with issues such as interruptions in cobalt supply chain and manganese specificity.

K Investments team