Import of Russian coal and its growing share in the Polish economy

The import of coal to Poland keeps growing. According to data on the import of coal to Poland, 8.5 million tones of coal were imported to our country from January to September 2017. As much as 42% more than in the same period last year.

The main source of imported coal is Russia, providing 65% coal purchased by Polish clients. In September, Polish firms imported 121% coal more from Russia than in the previous year. In the 9-months’ scale, the growth of import from Russia amounted to 54%, reaching 5.5 million tonnes.
The environment is affected not only by the mining industry, but by the process of coal combustion as well. Therefore, the quality parameters of the sold raw material are so important. The offer of coal imported from Russia dominates on depots. The sold coal from the East features low ash and sulphur content.

Russian coal is offered for a much broader community and a greater number of customers who have individual and specific demand. It reaches successfully both large heat plants and smaller retail markets as well as small enterprises and private houses. Heating even a small building in the winter involves constant and high costs. However, owing to the stocks of cheap Russian coal, the price will not be so prohibitive and will be adequate to needs. In addition to its diversity and low price, an advantage of Russian coal is its high quality, which is determined according to specific production standards. The compliance with such standards is much higher than in the case of the Polish raw material.